Time for courage, says Alan

ALAN Pardew has called on his Albion players to show courage at The Hawthorns on Saturday.

After what he admits has been a turbulent week for the football club, our commander-in-chief needs both players and fans to play their part in a crucial showdown with Huddersfield Town.

The gaffer says he'd understand if the Albion faithful arrived at The Hawthorns with a negative outlook.

But he's urged them to come with "forgiveness in their hearts" and sing their support for players who will show "courage and strength" on the pitch.

"It's about our fans on Saturday coming with forgiveness in their hearts," he admitted. "That's all we can hope for because they don't have to. We're going to need them.

"The most important thing for us about getting the three points is the psychology. I'm not bothered about the points, we can make them up if I'm honest. It's about the psychology of the group after the week we've had.

"We're playing against a team that press the ball, that are very hard working. But we can beat them. And we've got the players to beat them. If we take that belief into this game and get three points then suddenly the outlook won't look so bad.

"But it really is cheap talk until we get to Saturday night. Hopefully it isn't cheap talk then.

"I'm hoping the players can show courage, strength, show the fans how much it means to them to put on that West Brom shirt, go out there and win."


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