Power of positivity key for Foster

BEN Foster is harnessing the power of positivity in Albion's quest to secure Premier League football for a ninth consecutive season.

Albion look to take their first step on the road to safety against Huddersfield Town at The Hawthorns. And Ben says there's "nothing to be gained" from being anything other than optimistic in the final throws of the campaign.

"We've got 11 games left and all of them are going to be as important as each other in all honesty," he said. "It all starts with Huddersfield, though. It's a huge one, it really is.

"It's a game that, if we do want to avoid relegation, we need to be winning. Even a draw probably isn't good enough so I think we need to go out all guns blazing and try and get the three points.

"You've got to be positive. There's no point looking at the last 27 games and saying 'oh no, it's a foregone conclusion'. You can't go into games like that. There's nothing to be gained from being negative. You've got to be optimistic and hope the other players feed off that as well."

Indeed, our No. 1 has pointed to an "experienced" dressing room as a key reason why the Baggies can claw their way up the league. Morale is high, 'Fozzy' insists, and his team-mates are more than capable of recovering the season.

"We're quite lucky in the fact that we've got a really experienced team - some would say old! They've got a lot of appearances under their belt.

"But it's not even that, its who they are as people. They're very happy, bubbly people. We've had a few meetings to say 'keep the morale up' so that's what we've got to do."

And, if the prospect of another year of Premier League football wasn't enough, there's a significant emotional element in Ben's desire to stay up.

"This is my club now. I've been here seven years. I'm a West Brom fan, my family are West Brom fans. My little boy would break his heart if we got relegated!

"Nobody wants it, but it's the way the league is now. It's so tough. The last six seasons have been fantastic - I almost think at some points we've overachieved with the money we've spent. But anything can happen in the Premier League and we have to take heart from that."

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