Brunt and Burke talk mental health

CHRIS Brunt and Oliver Burke discussed stress, anxiety and pre-match rituals as they visited an Up Front session.

Working in partnership with Kaleidoscope Plus Group, The Albion Foundation delivers classes to normalise mental health amongst young people and provide them with self-coping tools.

Speaking after the session, Brunt recognised the importance of raising mental health awareness.

“Obviously there's been a few scenarios of that over the last couple of seasons that people have asked for help.

“It's brought it to the fore, really. With the kids now, there's a lot of stuff about stress and anxiety.

“It's obviously a lot different for kids at this age than it is for adults, but everybody needs help. 

“Everybody's got to deal with things in their own way.

“If classes like this help people going forward and they're not afraid to ask questions to get the help they need, it can only be a positive.

“If you're not sure about something and there's something you need to speak to somebody about, don't be afraid to put your hand up and ask for help.

“Things can just build up and make it a lot worse.”

St Michaels High School pupil, Ethan Atkiss, believes the lesson was enhanced by the players’ visit.

“It was really good, being as I am an Albion fan.

“Chris Brunt said that he usually taps the top of the dugout or tunnel when he comes out or kisses his kid's name of the tattoo on his arm.

“It kind of helped because they talked about their pre-match rituals.”

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