Abigail's story

YOUNGSTER Abigail Evans has a lot to thank The Albion Foundation's Engagement Department for.

The Engagement team at the charity run free weekly At Youth Sandwell sessions which have transformed Abigail's confidence, built her a network of friends, and improved her mental health.

Having the opportunity to spend Thursday evenings in a safe haven of happiness has had a remarkable impact on the young girl, and her mother, Kate Barnett, is really grateful for all that The Albion Foundation have done.

"I couldn't be more thankful to what they have done for Abigail," she said.

"They have listened to her, they have made her feel safe and secure and with a person with anxiety issues, that is the main thing.

"Because Abigail does suffer with confidence and anxiety, I always worry when she's out - how she's feeling, how she's dealing with things.

"But I know when she is here she is safe, she is happy and she just loves being here."

The sessions have become important to Abigail and she really values the time that she spends with her new-found friends courtesy of At Youth Sandwell.

"At Youth Sandwell plays a big role in my life," said Abigail.

"In the week when I'm not at At Youth Sandwell, the session at Dorothy Parkes Centre, in school I'm always thinking I really want to come here again before the next seven days are up.

"Like, every week I just cherish it being here.

"It's just amazing here."

Abigail's reaction to the sessions has been really pleasing for Lyndsey Wyse, an At Youth Engagement Coordinator.

"The At Youth sessions, we want it to be where children can come, where young people can come.

"They can feel a sense of achievement here, they can feel wanted here, they feel safe here.

"All this investment that we're putting back into the community is to grow our young people and give them opportunities they might not get elsewhere."

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