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Tinseltown Rebellion

WEST Bromwich. Hollywood. How similar the two are, both dream factories, pumping out entertainment for the masses.

And so, in this year's Albion News, we are making the connection ever more explicit, with a series of filmtastic covers.

Two seasons ago, it was album covers – will we ever recover from the sight of Jonas Olsson as Aladdin Sane or Claudio Yacob as Mick Jagger? – now we're taking on the movies with some Albion themed film posters.

Where else could we start but in the "Field of Dreams", The Hawthorns itself, with Sam Field taking on Kevin Costner's mantle?

We've got plenty of film themed content once you get inside too.

We've got the most in-depth interview that Darren Moore has done since permanently taking over as head coach, explaining his philosophy, his expectations and the excitement he wants to put on for you over the coming nine months. Read all about that in "The Moore Supremacy".

The youth of today don't escape our gaze, as we ask Alex Bradley to name a few of his favourite things. Will whiskers on kittens and warm woollen mittens feature? Possibly not.

What have you made of the 21st century so far? Been exciting hasn't it? But how will you remember it all? Don't panic, we've got it covered in a season long feature, "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Century".

Have you heard the one about the horse, the goalkeeper and the testimonial? No? Then you can read all about the day Red Rum came to town.

There's match action from the Coventry game, columns from Darren Moore, Mark Jenkins, Chris Brunt, Tony Brown and Tommy Langford plus an a fulsome tribute to the mighty Graham Lovett.

Nobody remembers the semi-finalists? The Jesse Pennington collection has a bit of good news for Gareth Southgate on that front in our "History of the Albion In 100+ Objects".

Our fans feature "A Face in the Crowd" returns, with Sarah Atkinson reflecting on a lifetime following the Albion which includes a story that's not for the squeamish...

There's also in depth analysis of opponents Bolton Wanderers. We've got a nifty bit of Bolton history too that points to a very nice omen in our "Us & Them" feature. You'll love it.

Albion News. Bring your own popcorn.