Darren Moore on Graeme Jones

DARREN Moore has explained why he was determined to realise his dream of working alongside Graeme Jones, the new Assistant Head Coach whose appointment was today confirmed.

The pair have been close friends and footballing soul mates ever since they spent one season together during their playing days at Doncaster Rovers. 

They have never been out of contact since, with Darren revealing that his pal was a constant sounding board during his six-game season finale as interim Head Coach.

By then, the new man was locked into Belgium’s World Cup campaign. Graeme has worked alongside Roberto Martinez through his posts at Wigan, Everton and finally with the team which finished third in Russia this summer.

But now they are together at last, delayed only by the Albion gaffer’s insistence that Graeme take a family holiday after the World Cup to ‘recharge his batteries’ in readiness for the Championship challenge ahead.

Summing up why he had waited to ensure Graeme be assistant Darren said: “His attention to detail, his work ethic, his professionalism, his achievements and performance at the highest level . . . beyond all that, his qualities as a human being are what I want to bring into this building in every appointment.

“His philosophies within the game, how it should be played . . . he is an attack-minded coach who knows what I want from forward play and I believe he can deliver it with precision.

“We’ve been friends ever since that season together and never been out of touch, no matter where we’ve been in the game. We’ve always spoken football and that connection has been there from day one.

"I’ve been out watching him in training with Roberto and we have always had this exchange of views. His outlook on the game from both a defensive and attacking point of view is something that works for me.

“His football knowledge and ability are only part of it. His qualities as a man are just as important. He is a wonderful person who can only benefit West Bromwich Albion going forward.

“I don’t like to say too much about this but I’m changing the culture around here and the first thing we have to do is recruit people with respect and humility for everyone, absolutely everyone, who we come into contact with. Everyone who steps into this place must show these characteristics. 

“Ever since this opportunity was available, I know the Club has appealed to him and he is excited by what we want to do here. Graeme can impact the Club in many, many ways which can only be good for West Bromwich Albion.”

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