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Accessible concourse praised

ALBION's work to improve accessibility facilities at The Hawthorns has been hailed by the leading body for disabled sports fans.

Level Playing Field lauded the changes as "incredible" in urging Premier League clubs which had failed to meet Accessibility Stadia guidelines to pick up the mantle going forward.

Albion expanded wheelchair bay numbers and improved facilities all round, whilst also creating the Club's first sensory space. And Level Playing Field chair Tony Taylor singled out our efforts for special praise.

He said: "West Bromwich Albion FC, for example, is a club that has made incredible changes for disabled fans since the pledge was announced.

"The club operates from an older stadium, but has still managed to meet the Accessible Stadia numbers for wheelchair users (home and away), installed easy access and amenity seats, provided additional accessible toilets, a state of the art Changing Places facility, a Sensory Room, accessible refreshment areas and new signage.

"This just goes to show what can be done and they should be congratulated. The club is now working closely with its Foundation to reach out to the community so that disabled people know there are more spaces and seats available for them at The Hawthorns and that they will be made welcome."

Albion's Director of Operations Mark Miles said: "It is gratifying that our hard work has been recognised by the LPF and we will not rest on our laurels.

"It is important that we continue to maintain The Hawthorns as a stadium that is welcome and inclusive to all."

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