‘I’m not a kid in care, I’m a person with an amazing idea’

THE Premier League and The Albion Foundation are continuing to help school children blossom through business.

Using professional football clubs' business models, the Premier League's Enterprise project aims to inspire young people and increase their aspirations and skills by delivering a professional education.

Students from across the region pitched their ideas in a 'Dragon's Den' style showdown at The Hawthorns. Each team dedicated weeks to their presentation, which was judged by senior members of the Club's staff.

Members of Sandwell Academy's team - which is comprised of looked-after children - insist the project has given them a much-needed boost in confidence.

"If I didn't take part in the project I wouldn't be as confident as I am now," said one participant. 

The pupils were tasked with fulfilling a brief to think of ways to entice people who wouldn't usually attend a football match to experience a matchday.

Pitching their ideas at The Hawthorns and working closely with the football club has resulted in some students becoming Albion fans.

"I didn't really like talking then and I didn't really like football but now I do enjoy supporting the Baggies," said the youngster.

"What I've learnt from the Enterprise project is how to research effectively.

"I've enjoyed going on stage and expressing my ideas because it's the first time I'm not labelled as the kid in care.

"I'm explaining my views about my presentation that me and my team have created.

"People won't look at us and say 'they're in care', we're normal people that go to school and try to do well for themselves."

For more information regarding The Albion Foundation's involvement with the Premier League Enterprise project, please email