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Alan Pardew's first press conference

NEW boss Alan Pardew hopes to inspire an Albion recovery that can see the team attacking a top 10 position.

The new Head Coach completed a hectic first day in charge which included meeting training ground staff and dealing with the enormous media demands his appointed created.

But the key meetings are ahead when Pardew meets up with the players and begins work in training which he hopes can trigger a revival in fortunes.

Pardew said: "Of course coming into a new club with the traditions they have here is exciting. It’s been 11 months out for me so I’m looking forward to working with the team. I’ve done a little bit of homework on the group and there’s been nothing but good messages from there. 
"They are a good, sound group. Confidence is perhaps a little low at the moment but hopefully we can sort that.
"When you look at the league table it’s quite congested and I don’t think that’s going to change. We need to get on a good run, get some points on the board and get ourselves in a position where we can start attacking the top 10 if possible."
And asked about whether or not he felt the squad were good enough to pull clear of the trouble zone he added: "I think it’s good enough to stay up but when I look at the teams that are involved, particularly at the moment down the relegation area, I know they are going to do business. 
"So we can’t take our eye off that, we have to grow as much as possible in January. I know from my experience at Newcastle that you can lose key players in January and you need to be on guard to replace them.
"The most important fact is to win games. That's the bottom line. Tony does that very well, but he does it in a different manner to me. My best teams, and I can only talk about myself, play on the front foot and try and put teams under pressure. They sometimes get a bloody nose in doing that. And that's what I'll deliver here at West Brom. Hopefully somewhere along that line we can get up to 1.5 or 1.7 points a game. I've achieved that in the past at certain times with clubs and that's what I'll try and do here."
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