Albion and Foundation forge partnership with Kaleidoscope

Local charity Kaleidoscope are based on Halfords Lane

THE Albion Foundation and West Bromwich Albion are pleased to announce Kaleidoscope Plus Group will be their official partner for positive health and well-being. 
One element of this exciting, timely partnership is the launch of ‘Up Front’; bespoke interventions for both primary and secondary aged children and young people which aims to equip them with the tools they need to build resilience, boost their self-esteem and provide tools needed to navigate through their day-to-day lives. 
This innovative partnership will also use the power of football; its kudos and reach to de-stigmatise mental health and encourage open, frank discussions. 
Funded by the Premier League Professional Footballers' Association and with a donation from the Grantham Yorke Trust, we very much look forward to both raising awareness of this very real issue and supporting young people within our local communities. 
To find out more about ‘Up Front’ at The Albion Foundation please contact

Here's a video further highlighting what the important community project is all about: