Disney fairytale for life-saver Paul

PAUL Glover, The Albion Foundation's very own life-saving super hero, has been surprised with a trip to Disneyland after featuring in the new BBC programme, 'Street Auction'.

The charity's disability development manager – who performed CPR on John Hooper in November 2016 – was also given £1,348 after his neighbours in Brownhills donated goods at the public sale.

Paul was joined by his wife, Lisa, and their two daughters, Ashlee and Isabel, as Street Auction presenter Paul Martin revealed the prize in recognition of his 'working tirelessly for people less fortunate'.

"It was a massive shock," said Glover.

"I sort of get used to bits at work with what we do but not on my own doorstep.

"It will make such a difference to us because saving for Disney is not easy. It is incredible.

"What the show does is incredible and to see people pulling together is fantastic, we do not do enough of it really.

"It will make a big difference to us and I cannot thank everybody enough. By the looks of it people have been conspiring behind my back so a big thank you to them as well."

Street Auction presenter, Paul Martin, added: "It is a great show. What we are doing is bringing the community together to say a big thank you to someone who has dedicated all their time and energy to others in the community. An unsung hero, someone who works tirelessly for people less fortunate than themselves.

"Paul is a great father, a great husband but also he loves what he does for the Foundation. For all the disabled people he gets them motivated and gets them going again, gives them hope."

The event took place on Saturday, with the show due to air on BBC One in September.

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