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Doc gives Austrian performance update

ALBION's Director of Performance Mark Gillett lifts the lid on how the Baggies' players are faring two sessions into their pre-season tour of Austria and what benefits the trip brings to the squad.

The Baggies have touched down in Pichlarn for the third time in three seasons, marking their first morning in Austria with a gruelling fitness routine.

And the Doc has highlighted the benefits of the famous 'hill climb' as well as the European trip in general.

"The trip suits our needs really well," said Gillett.

"Tony's been doing it for a number of years and it fits in with our Strength and Conditioning philosophy.

"The exercises are very mentally and physically tasking. It's hard but it works for us. That's been proven over the last two seasons."

Indeed, Gillett's team were recognised by their profession in May, scooping the honour of 'Premier League Medical and Science Team of the Year'.

Last season's exploits saw Albion's sports science team produce a squad which lost the least number of hours on the pitch to injury across the season.

"We had a good injury record last season and the players tended to perform well in games," Doc added.

"Because of that record we won't be changing the routine here too much. This week will mirror last year almost perfectly.

"The days where players come back from summer holiday unconditioned are long gone.

"In the main the players have dealt well with the sessions so far."