Follow Brendon Batson as he re-traces his footsteps in Hong Kong

ALBION legend Brendon Batson has been re-tracing his footsteps and remembering old times on the trip to Hong Kong where the Baggies are making their debut in the Premier League Asia Trophy.

Brendon, who is officially taking on a Club ambassador role out here, was followed by WBA TV cameras as he renewed his acquaintance with the sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

The legendary full back was famously a member of the 1978 team which made that historic first trip to the Far East all those years ago.

"Everybody remembers that we went into China but I can also recall stopping off in Hong Kong on the way there and the way back," Brendon recalls.

And the memories of great old team mates and memorable times soon came flooding back as he mingled with the new generation of football fans out here.