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FIFA dismiss Cameroon Nyom complaint

Nyom eligible to play Sunderland

Albion have welcomed FIFA’s decision to dismiss a Cameroonian Football Federation complaint over the availability of Baggies defender Allan Nyom during the African Cup of Nations.

The Club confirmed that the world governing body last night dismissed Cameroon’s complaint against Albion and Nyom after he was not selected for his nation’s squad for the championships.

Nyom has missed the last two Albion games against Derby and Tottenham because of the dispute.

Albion made their submissions to FIFA earlier this week and after a day-long hearing involving a four-man panel, the Club received notification last night that the Cameroon complaint had been dismissed.

“We are naturally very pleased with the decision and thank FIFA for acting swiftly to resolve the dispute,” said Albion’s Director of Football Administration Richard Garlick.

“It has always been our position that Allan made every effort to report for duty and that the Club did all that was required to support him in that process.

“It has been frustrating for everyone and especially Allan that we have had to leave him out of the last two match-day squads because of the dispute under the threat of serious sanctions in the event of the finding going against us.

“Happily, FIFA have found in our favour and we firmly believe that is right. 

“It has been a difficult episode for all and we are now hoping to work with FIFA to try to resolve this sort of confusion arising again in the future.”

The decision means that Nyom is now available again for Club action and he was named in today's squad to play Sunderland.