Top marks for Yacob, Nyom & Rondon

CLAUDIO Yacob, Salomon Rondon and Allan Nyom headed back to school as part of the Premier League Primary Writing Stars project.

Recently launched, the initiative aims to engage primary school children with poetry.

The trio paid a surprise visit to Year 6 pupils at Tividale Hall Primary School and helped the youngsters get creative.

Getting involved with the lesson brought back fond memories for Yacob.

"I really loved going to school, I can remember that. 

"The friends I have in school, they are the same friends I have now."

Dave Moore, The Albion Foundation Primary Coordinator, has seen his class improve through the Premier League project.

"Premier League Primary Stars is fantastic because it allows pupils to engage in school through ways like the Premier League Writing Stars programme. 

"Since I started working at the school I've seen a lot of changes with a various number of pupils.

"This can be through their behaviour, it can be through their engagement.

"They're all really passionate about coming into this session and to come into work every day. 

"To have that feeling is fantastic."

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