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The Joy of 68 - free download

The sound of Albion players cursing softly in the distance on their return to training can mean just one thing for the rest of us. Yes, summer’s here.

For some, that is a sign that the time is right for dancing in the streets, but here at The Hawthorns, we’re all about self-improvement and curling up with a good book instead.
We couldn’t find one, but never mind, we’re giving you something to read for free, all ready to download to your phone or tablet.
“The Joy of 68” is the book in question, the blow by blow story of the epic 1967/68 campaign that took us all the way to Wembley Stadium and a fifth FA Cup victory, available just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
Get “The Joy of 68” for your holidays. Download below.
You know it makes sense.
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