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WHAT DID HE SAY? Jurgen Klopp

Klopp on Albion, early goals and celebrations

Ahead of Abion’s Saturday evening trip to the remodelled Anfield, Jurgen Klopp has had plenty to say about the game. Here are the highlights…


Injury news:

There is nothing to really moan about. A few kicks and things like this in the game, but nobody is ruled out and if nothing happens today or tomorrow, we have a big squad. The next game [League Cup tie v Spurs] has no effect on my selection. How could I do this? That would be a lack of respect for West Brom.


On Albion:

West Brom is an experienced team with an experienced manager. They want a result, we need to find a way to play them. There will be no big spaces on Saturday, everybody knows how West Brom will play. We must stay confident, wait for the moment.


Even if West Brom didn’t watch our games against Leicester or Hull, they won’t play like Leicester or Hull. They play like West Brom. Tony Pulis is Tony Pulis. We don’t care about the name of the team, or where we play them. Home or away, we have to win, win, win.


We need to be patient enough. What they are doing in defending is to make us feel uncomfortable, not to do what we want to do. Early goals would help. Three early goals would really help. That’s not really likely.


West Brom won’t make it easy for us, or for our crowd to enjoy. But if we are ready to enjoy the challenge, we can enjoy it.


Individual quality is big in all the Premier League teams. There’s a lot of difficult hurdles and West Brom, for sure, is one of them.


Would I celebrate a draw again? It depends on the game!