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Olsson’s India diary: part three

The final instalment of Jonas’ Delhi adventure

So I say namaste for the last time on this trip.
It’s far too cliché to say that I leave India a changed man.
Instead, let’s just say I feel different.
I take away memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it be visiting the Bapu School in the slums - or playing with the impoverished children on the lawn of the Vice President’s estate - I will cherish the time I have spent here.
And I plan to return.
It’s not yet clear in my own mind what I can do but I feel a burning desire to help these children.
Not everything can be changed, that much is clear, but I would like to help the slum kids in the future.
India is an incredible country which has its failings, for sure, but its beauty and people are a joy to be around. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcome.
It feels like I’ve been here for longer than a few days. That is not a slight on this country or the trip in any way. I feel that way because we haven’t wasted a moment, we’ve experienced long and rewarding days, and visited all corners of the city.
It has been a whirlwind trip but I’m hooked. I think everyone from the Club who has visited India feels the same. We’re all keen to do more out here. It’s an exciting time.
There are a growing number of parties involved in this project and I think that together we can do something really special out here.
Now I must say goodbye, or alavida, to this amazing place.
Thanks for having me Delhi.