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Hammond up-date on transfer plans

Technical director talks targets, the Euros and transfer market

NICK Hammond has given an update on Albion's plans for the summer transfer market and beyond.

The club's Technical Director has hit the ground running in his new role and is working around the clock to help strengthen the club's squad in readiness for its seventh successive Premier League campaign.

Hammond sat down with local journalists on Wednesday morning to be quizzed about the club's close-season plans, with the looming European Championships adding an extra dimension.

The Baggies will scout Euro 2016 but Hammond suggests the 'intel' gathered by the recruitment department beforehand will carry more weight than stand-out performances alone in France.

"We will scout the Euros as all clubs will," Hammond said.

"Historically sometimes it’s very dangerous taking players on from the European Championships and actually, as a recruitment department, if you’ve done your work then you should be down the road in terms of potential targets in specific positions and those players you’d like to bring to the club.

"That’s where we are. I’ve been impressed with the guys in the recruitment department since I arrived, bearing in mind it was only a week before the end of the season.

"They’ve been working on this for 12 months in conjunction with the coaching staff. We have a good idea of what our targets would be. Of course, you have to have a list of targets because the market is so fluid."

He added: "A performance here or there isn’t going to change your opinion fundamentally. It shouldn't.

"But of course you have to be mindful and recognise that it changes all the time."

Hammond, who was appointed at The Hawthorns in late April, covered a range of topics including his strong relationship with Head Coach Tony Pulis - with whom he speaks daily - player outgoings and targeted positions.

"Let me be clear, we are active in the market at the moment," he added.

"We are talking to other clubs about players, availability and the type of deal we may be able to structure. We are doing that now.

"It’s not the sort of conversation that happens in 10 minutes over the phone. It’s a two-way conversation, a dialogue, a negotiation.

"There are certain players who may be on our target list who you just know you won’t be able to move on at this stage.

"Experience and knowledge of the market place tells you that."