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ALBION XI: "Unfortunately I couldn't squeeze Bomber Brown in"

Who would make your favourite all-time Albion XI?

IF 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40, then Thursdays are the new Friday - and that can only mean good things, namely Albion XI!

Each week, you, the Baggies faithful, come from far and wide to declare your favourite Baggies dream team of all time. It's a personal choice, and this week's line-up is again sure to cause good, honest debate.

So far we've had Blind Dave Heeley and fellow fans Garry Astle and Simon Bevin select their Albion XI, week four sees the turn of another supporter who got in touch via social media.

A newly-selected goalkeeper means both Ben Foster and Russell Hoult miss out for the first time. While, with no player having the honour of being picked every week to date, we'll tell you at the bottom of the page which three names have been the most popular so far.

It's time to get on with this week's Albion XI, let's just hope Bomber doesn't read it...

Name: Steven Gray
Age: 45
From: Kingswinford
Interesting fact: I was in a fans' meeting with John Wile the day Ray Harford decided to leave.

"My first Albion team was Johnny Giles' and my team is modelled on his philosophy - defenders who can tackle, midfielders who can pass and a cutting edge up front. 
"I always enjoyed playing central midfield so I've gone 4-3-3 to fit in three of them, unfortunately that means I couldn't squeeze Bomber Brown in. 
"I take comfort in the fact that he'll be in the XI of everybody who's older than me."

Alan Miller - I always liked his big grin and thumbs-ups for the crowd. Decent upgrade when he arrived as well.


Brendon Batson (RB) - Class, consistent and fearless. 
Martyn Bennett (CB) - After the grit of John Wile and Ally Robertson, he was Beckenbauer-esque. Injury robbed him and us of a great career.
Curtis Davies (CB) - He looked as though he could play in his slippers. 
Neil Clement (LB) - I was a big fan from his loan spell and that cross for Bob Taylor's goal that helped keep us up. Real passionate and determined player with both a powerful and cultured left foot.


Bryan Robson (CM) - i) He was lovely to my dad ii) he could have played for any side in the world and iii) I can still remember him nutmegging Clemence.
Enzo Maresca (CM) -  A cheeky chappy who was a bright spot for me under Brian Little.
James Morrison (CM) - What can I say but, like Tony Mowbray, I'm a sucker for soft feet.


Jason Koumas (LW) - He'd probably hate playing up front, but for 18 months I never saw a player dominate so many games.
Cyrille Regis (CF) - The most charismatic player I've ever seen, with his socks rolled down and that huge grin. A brilliant journey from non-league to the England team that we were a part of.
Laurie Cunningham (RW) - We saw the very best of him and at times it was like he was playing a different game to everyone else.

Paddy Mulligan - May have been past his best for us but my first favourite player.
Gary Strodder - There was something about chanting "Strodder's going to get you" that I enjoyed too much.
Kevin Donovan - For the 3-2 hand gesture...
Chris Brunt - He's my son's favourite player.
Super Bob Taylor - He became one of us and did what we all dreamed of.

Think your dream team is better? Would Bomber have to be included? What about The King? 

Stay tuned for the favourite Albion XI of another Baggies supporter next week, it could be yours...

Before we go, did you guess which three players have been selected the most so far? With three nominations each, it's Cyrille, Mozza and Clemo.

Come On You Baggies!