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Tender offer now closed

Peace increases stake to 77.3 per cent

On June 10 2014, West Bromwich Albion Holdings Ltd (‘WBAH’) issued a tender document as it offered to acquire up to a further 770 ordinary shares in West Bromwich Albion Group Ltd (‘WBAG’) at £3,000 per ordinary share.

At the first closing date of July 3, 2014, 130 shareholders, representing 905 shares, had submitted tender forms accepting the offer. WBAH exercised its discretion to buy all 905 shares, taking its total stake in WBAG to 76.4 per cent and also extended this tender offer for a further 14 days until July 17.

By that date, a further 49 shareholders, representing 83 shares had submitted tenders forms accepting the offer. Once more WBAH exercised its option to acquire all these shares, taking the number of shares it owns in WBAG to 7,434 which represents 77.3% of the total share capital.

The tender offer is now closed.