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G-Mac's Tour Diary - Day Six

Rehab physio seems determined to create work for himself...

OUR medical guys are meant to help players avoid injuries.

But rehab physio Steve Wright seemed hell-bent on creating extra work for himself – and yours truly was almost the victim!

It was a case of ‘no rest for the injured’ on Tuesday.

While most of the lads enjoyed a hard-earned day off, Joleon, Brunty, Mozza, Daws [Craig Dawson] and I headed to Cosumnes River College for more rehab work. Dozza also joined us for a cool down.

After pulling into the car park, I got out of the SUV and began lifting kit out of the back seat…when the vehicle started moving forward.

Our designated driver Steve, aka ‘The Bear’, had also got out but had forgotten to put the automatic gear box into ‘P’.

I felt the back wheel brush my foot before managing to whip it out of harm's way and avoid a few broken metatarsals. That was a close one!

Thankfully, The Bear managed to jump back in the car and halt its slide.

Steve soon got back to doing what he does best and my schedule featured work in the pool and a circuit in the gym…before getting a sniff of the grass!

It’s always great to be allowed back outdoors because it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It felt good to jog around the pitch and do some box-to-box runs. I’m gradually getting there.

The other lads did various things on their day off. Some went to San Francisco but their hopes of visiting Alcatraz were dashed – as tours are fully booked up for a month!

Fossie [Ben Foster], Boaz [Myhill] and Gards [Craig Gardner] topped the lot by getting up at the crack of dawn and shooting up to Pebble Beach for a round of golf.

They also took assistant kitman Gaz Trevor and, by all accounts, had one of the best days of their lives – especially Gards, who finished four-over par. That was an incredible effort. He plays off six so he was really two-under par.

When we reported for our evening meal, we were greeted by our new loan signing, Andre Wisdom, who has joined us for the season from Liverpool.

Andre had flown into San Francisco earlier in the evening and went around introducing himself to everyone.

I saw him play for Derby in the play-off final and he did well at Pride Park last season, so he should prove a good asset for us.