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Winger congratulates Tipton pupils

MORGAN Amalfitano visited The ACE Academy, Tipton, recently to congratulate pupils on their performance in The Premier League Enterprise Academy programme. 

The programme was set up to help teach 11-19 year-olds the basic principles of business and self-employment.

Inspired by a model pioneered at Middlesbrough, the Enterprise Academy has seen 135,000 pupils taking part in its first two years, with more than 1,500 young people securing university entry-level qualifications as a result of the programme.

The programme’s main event each year is a real life Enterprise challenge that football clubs face, set by the Premier League’s Chief Executive Richard Scudamore. 

The five winning pupils from ACE went on to represent West Bromwich Albion and The Albion Foundation in the semi-final heats hosted at The Hawthorns. 

The pupils did themselves and the club proud but were unsuccessful in reaching the finals in London later this month. 

This did not stop the The ACE Academy embracing the task when they presented it to Year 7 and Year 8 pupils on two collapsed curriculum days. 

The winning teams from Year 7, Year 8 and our Enterprise Challenge team also performed a presentation to Amalfitano when he visited.

The France international winger listened to the pupils’ pitches and answered their questions before posing for photographs and signing autographs.

For more information on The Albion Foundation’s partnership with The ACE Academy or Business and Enterprise Challenge please contact the Head Coach,