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YOU wait three weeks for a game at The Hawthorns, and then three come along in less than a fortnight. Buses eh?

Let Albion News be your companion on the top deck for the middle one of three when Manchester City come to visit God's country.

What's on offer you ask? Sit back and we'll tell you.

We have an in depth interview with Liam Ridgewell, which covers tattoos, kissing eskimos and a little bit of football to boot.

Steve Clarke and Chris Brunt look back at recent games in their exclusive columns while we also take a closer look at Albion's Academy staff, starting with Jamie Russell.

A chap who may, or may not, turn out to be Guy Garvey gets over emotional in A Love Supreme, and the Class of '68 get their kit off for Big S. 

We look back to an evening when The Hawthorns literally shook to its foundations with the aid of Paine Proffitt, and his artistry also helps Tony ‘Bomber’ Brown analyse one of Manchester City's finest ever footballers, Colin Bell, while the current City players also come under the microscope.

Speaking of ‘Bomber’, he starts a two-part look back at his time taking football to the Americans - missionary work of the finest kind.

And, at long last, we tell you who the most important goalscorer in Albion history is. And no, it isn't who you think.

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