14th September

Do fans need to hold a 2023/24 season ticket to be a B71 Club member?

Fans do not need to hold a 2023/24 season ticket to sign up as a B71 Club member. Our junior memberships are open to all fans aged 0-17, regardless of ticketing status or geographical location.

How do I purchase a B71 Club membership?

One of our five welcome packs can be purchased online here or in our Stadium Megastore. Please click here for our Stadium Megastore opening times.

Please allow 2-3 weeks dispatch time from the date of your purchase for online orders. If you haven’t received your welcome pack within 4 weeks of your date of purchase, please contact retail@wbafc.co.uk.

Can memberships be purchased as a gift?

The B71 Club membership makes the perfect present for any junior Baggie. Simply purchased a welcome pack online or in-store and remind the recipient to activate their account with their details to unlock their member-only benefits.

How do I activate my B71 Club membership?

An activation letter will be enclosed within your welcome pack. Please scan the QR code and follow the instruction within the letter to activate your membership. It is important that the details enter in the activation form, are those of the junior fan not the purchaser. Once a membership has been activated, the membership holder will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please contact fans@wbafc.co.uk.

Please note memberships are classified as dormant until activated through the online form. A membership holder will not be able to unlock or utilise their benefits unless a membership has been activated.

Where do I find my B71 Club membership number?

Your unique membership number can be located in the top left-hand corner of your activation letter, within your welcome pack. Once a membership has been activated, a copy of your membership number can be found on your confirmation email for reference.

When is my B71 Club membership valid from?

The receipt of your confirmation email will mark the start the date of the membership. All memberships regardless of the activation date will cease on Friday 31st May 2024. Please note: The B71 Club memberships do not auto-renew, and a new membership will need to be purchased for the 2024/25 season.

Where do I direct any enquires or queries?

Please direct all benefit related enquiries or queries to fans@wbafc.co.uk. Please direct any queries relating to welcome packs to retail@wbafc.co.uk.

We aim to respond to all enquires/queries within five working days. However, during busy periods please allow up ten working days for a response.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for The B71 Club Membership?

 The B71 Club membership terms and conditions can be found here. Please note: all competitions and prize draw will be conducted in accordance with individual terms and conditions and can be found here.

Why am I not receiving membership related emails?

If you are not receiving membership related emails such as our bi-monthly newsletters, this will be a result of your contact preferences on your MyAlbion single sign-on account. To redeem the full benefits of a B71 Club membership and receive all related email communications, your contact preferences must be opted IN to Club communications. To update your preferences please login to our MyAlbion account here and save your new preferences. The club cannot change your preferences for you and will refer any email queries to this section.

Do I have to be ‘opted in’ to be a B71 Club Member?

We recommend that all membership holders ‘opt in’ to Club communication to get the full benefit from their membership. Please note: if a member ‘opt-outs’ of any club communications through any other club related email, you will no longer receive B71 Club related emails. The club can no longer contact you in relation to your membership once you have ‘opted out’. To rectify, please login to our MyAlbion account here and save your new preferences.

Are there any ticketing related benefits in The B71 Club membership?

There are no ticketing related benefits included within our junior membership. A separate Official Ticketing membership with all the traditional benefits is available to fan of all ages, online and through the Ticket Office. To explore our Official Ticketing Membership please click here.