Sunderland goal ‘means everything’, says Daryl Dike

An image of Daryl Dike talking to WBA TV

Daryl Dike said it was a “great feeling” to net the winning goal in Albion’s 2-1 triumph against Sunderland on Monday night.

The striker scored the Baggies’ second at the Stadium of Light - and his first since signing - as they came from behind to earn their fourth successive Sky Bet Championship triumph.

And Dike couldn’t hide his delight when he spoke to WBA TV after the victory.

“My emotions are through the roof,” admitted Daryl.

“These past months have been the most difficult time of my life. All I want to do is be on the pitch and support the guys.

“Finally having this chance, and coming on and making an impact, is great for me mentally.

“Seeing all the guys back me after the goal meant everything because they know what I’ve been through. It’s a great feeling, for sure.

“When Jed (Wallace) puts in a million crosses a game, you know you’re going to get on the end of one of them!

“Every single time he gets the ball I think it’s my job to make sure I’m in the box so he can find me. Today was another one of those chances, he put a great ball in and, luckily, I was in the right position to put the ball in the net.

“It was good for me, over the last month, to train over and over again, to get my body used to playing football again.

“Under the new manager it was great to learn his tactics and learn what he wants and everything. Being incorporated in this squad for the past month has been phenomenal for me and the rest of the guys.

“Before the break we were on a three-game winning streak, and over the last month we’ve worked so hard for a result like today. We go into the weekend hoping to continue this streak.

“I’m always going to be a confident player, but of course getting the first goal is the one they say is going to be the most difficult.

“That’s out of the way, so I’ll just keep pushing on, keep getting results and, of course, keep getting on the scoresheet."

And Daryl also dedicated his goal, and Albion’s win, to Club Doctor Julian Widdowson, who sadly passed away at the weekend.

“The whole entire match was for him,” Dike added. “He’s someone who was very close to a lot of players’ hearts, and people around England as well.

“For me, personally, he’s someone who helped push me during this little process that I’ve had in the past few months.

“It’s great to get results like that for him. A lot of the players wouldn’t even be on the pitch if it wasn’t for some of the things he’s done for us.”