Super Movers

Children are learning through movement as the success of Super Movers begins to shine through.

Launched in January of this year, the Premier League and BBC initiative aims to inspire primary school pupils to get active whilst also learning about times tables, punctuation and PSHE topics.

The Albion Foundation supports 48 schools in the local area that have access to the programme, something that is pleasing to Community Coach, Andy Oates.

"The kids absolutely thoroughly enjoy it," said Andy.

"They love the thought of it, they love every single video that's there and it's the one bit of homework that they'll come in the next day and they've done it, but three times over."

One of the schools benefitting from dancing and singing to catchy tunes is Foundation partner school, St. Clement's Primary School.

"It's there to be fun, but ultimately the children are learning from it every day," said the school's PE Coordinator, Scott Clulee.

"Sometimes they don't realise they're learning because they're having so much fun, but they learn those chants, the songs, so quickly and they buzz off it, they really do."

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