New retrowear now on sale

ICONIC kits from Albion’s proud history have been recreated by new retrowear supplier, COPA.

Jerseys from the memorable campaigns of 1954 and 1978 have been authentically reproduced, with a replica track jacket from 1983 also available.  

This is just the beginning for COPA who plan to expand the range in the future. Garments come complete with a COPA presentation box and a label detailing the history of the product and its place in Baggies history.

Supporters can purchase retrowear at the Stadium Megastore, Merry Hill shop, or online at

Founded in 1998 by a self-confessed ‘football addict’, COPA has grown in the two decades since and now boasts one of the most authentic retrowear lines on the market; which is sure to delight Albion supporters who love their history. 

COPA is committed to a ‘Made in Europe’ craftsmanship, guaranteeing high quality standards and sustainable products. 

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