Ticket for giveaway for World Teacher Day

An array of lucky teachers working in The Albion Foundation's partner schools were treated to Albion tickets to celebrate World Teacher Day.

As a sign of recognition for the ongoing work that the Foundation do with many teachers across the 48 schools that the charity works within, tickets were given out as part of the worldwide day to recognise teachers.

Richard Holmes, the Foundation's Premier League Primary Stars Officer, said that it was pleasing to be able to appreciate the teachers of their partner schools.

"It's great because these teachers put the effort in every day of the week," he said.

"They are educating and inspiring the next generation and it is nice to recognise that and reward it.

"We see a lot of teachers through the schools that we partner with and they are fantastic.

"We wanted to help the children recognise their teachers' work with a nice gesture to show their gratitude.

"One teacher looked like she was about to cry and said that it had made her day."

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