Darren's Albion News address

DARREN Moore insists his faith in his mission to "re-style" Albion has not been shaken by the biggest setback of the season so far.

The Baggies Head Coach has assured supporters “we are not blind to the things that we could do better” but he makes it clear the commitment to bringing progressive and attack-focused football back to The Hawthorns will continue.
Darren’s comments come in his matchday programme column for 'Albion News' as The Hawthorns faithful prepare to gather again for this afternoon’s Blackburn Rovers clash three days after the 4-1 home defeat to Derby.
It was the biggest bodyblow of the campaign so far but Darren is adamant the nature of the journey on which he embarked in the summer will not change.
Read Darren's full programme notes in today's Albion News, available from sellers both inside and outside The Hawthorns, or online here.
He writes: 
I want to stress that we are not blind to the things that we could do better and I can promise you all that we are all working tirelessly to improve throughout the side. We need to recapture the consistency we had between the last two international breaks when we went six games unbeaten and we need to do it quickly. 
We also need to understand that the Championship is an unforgiving league, one that is especially gruelling and one where you have to be able to chart a steady course through the highs and lows that come over 46 games. We know where we want to be, how we want to get there and we won’t be deflected from that. 
Just as we have to accept our mistakes, we also do not want to be blind to the progress we have made by the impact of a couple of bad results – only Paris St Germain have scored more goals across the whole of Europe than we have this season. We only scored 31 goals all last season, we have now got 32 in 14 games. That transition doesn’t just happen, it doesn’t come without its difficulties and we will have blips on our way. But it’s worth it to reach the destination. 
After bad results, it’s important that you learn the lessons but also that you keep your nerve, just as after good results, you don’t get carried away. That is true on both sides of the white line and it is so important that the players get your help and support throughout the 90 minutes this afternoon. This league is anything but easy and so to come through it, we must all stick together and not let anyone or anything break that unity." 
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