Football for all

IT has been a week full of fun for many as The Albion Foundation hosted football activities for all abilities.

Players young and old were able to get on the pitch as the charity held sessions for juniors and adults with pan-disabilities, along with blind, deaf, cerebral palsy  and powerchair footballers.

"It's really important to offer these opportunities to all," explained Dave Lewis, Powerchair Football Disability Coach for the Foundation.

"Getting all these players of different abilities and ages to mix together, socialise and play football together is a real pleasure."

It's often said that football is more than a game, something that rings true with the powerchair participants. 

"It's absolutely massive," added Dave. 

"Each individual player has got their own story to where they are now but what they all have in common is their love for powerchair football."

For many, meeting with friends for a kickabout is the highlight of their week.

"For a lot of the guys who we see, this is their only opportunity to get out and socialise and meet new people - to put activities like this on is a no-brainer for us," said Ajay Gill, The Albion Foundation's Disability Development Officer.

Jake Thompson attended the session and explained the opportunities the sport provides him.

"Football gives me the chance to get out of the house and have some fun with my friends," he said.

"It's what I enjoy, it's what I live and breathe.

"I'm grateful the Foundation has put this on, it gives me chance to meet people, get better at football and have fun."

For more information regarding the Foundation's disability work within the community, please email