Moore praises staff for 'phenomenal' support

DARREN Moore has praised the ‘phenomenal’ support he has received from Albion staff during his time in charge of first-team affairs.

'Mooro' backed up his ongoing message of 'togetherness' by inviting club employees to Palm Training Ground on Tuesday to share with him the Barclays Manager of the Month award for April.

And Darren has urged everyone connected with the Baggies to concentrate their efforts on Sunday's Premier League finale at Crystal Palace.

"I've been overwhelmed by the support I've received from family, friends and from people in and around the world of football. I'm very grateful to them for showing their support at what has been a difficult time for this football club," he said.

"Through it all, the support that everyone has shown, it has given me the energy, purpose and drive to go into this job with the messages of support by everybody.

"I can only thank them all, and the continued messages I've been getting week after week really.

"I've been really, really pleased for them and I truly thank them all for the messages they've sent me. Group messages, personal messages, it's been incredible.

"But, as I said, we've got to continue to focus and keep working.

"It's been challenging but what I've done is go to it head on and try and work as hard as you possibly can, knowing that you've given it your best shot.

"But again, along with it, I've had a group of people here at West Brom that have been absolutely phenomenal towards me and towards the task that we've been faced with.

"I can only echo that, sitting here on behalf of them, I thank them very much - but not too much because obviously we've still got another game to play on Sunday.

"We still need everybody pushing forward on the front foot and giving their experiences and energies into a difficult game for us to come out of with any sort of result."

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