Albion youngster impressing overseas

ALBION's Academy Manager Mark Harrison has heaped praise on one of our up-and-coming talents.

Mark, by his own admission, is loathe to over-publicise his young prospects. But he's made exception for 14-year-old Louie Barry, such has been his impact for England's under-15 side.

At an Italy-based tournament last month, the Sutton Coldfield-born frontman netted ten goals in five games for the Young Lions. To put that into perspective, the previous competition-best was a tally of three.

And Louie's astonishing display of marksmanship did not go unnoticed back at Palm Training Ground.

"We've got a young player out in Italy at the moment, Louie Barry, playing for England's under-15 side," said Mark.

"He's just had an outstanding tournament where he's scored ten goals in five games.

"To score ten goals in a tournament for England, when the previous best in that tournament was three goals, is fantastic. 

"He's scored one goal against Japan, two against the UAE, four against Czech Republic, two against Austria and one against Italy.

"As much as I don't like to publicise young players too much, I think I'd be doing him a disservice if I didn't."

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