‘Albion Memories’ praised by New York Times

‘ALBION MEMORIES’, the Club's groundbreaking dementia group, is making waves on both sides of the pond.

The programme, which is led by Supporters’ Club Chairman John Homer and supported by The Albion Foundation in partnership with Edward Street Hospital, meet with local dementia sufferers each Wednesday. 

‘Albion Memories’ uses football, and particularly the club’s heritage and history, to help fans diagnosed with the cruel illness reminisce on times gone by. 

And the programme - now in its sixth year - last week received critical acclaim from The New York Times

Chief Soccer Correspondent at The New York Times, Rory Smith, wrote: “Skilfully, Homer seizes on every little story to spark something in the group. He asks where the players used to drink, and asks those listening if they remember the pub, if they know where it is. He mentions cafes and ice cream parlours, some long since closed, and cars that have not been on the road for decades.”

He continues: “These sessions do not cure dementia. They cannot. Nonetheless, their effect can be profound. Some of that comes from the simple act of socialising, organisers said, since many of those living with dementia find themselves increasingly isolated.”

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