"It's changed my life, I'm in dreamland."

LIVING with Autism and Aspergers is a difficult prospect, but with the help of The Albion Foundation, the world is now a much brighter place for Adam Smith.

Also known as ‘Smithy’, Adam has been coached by the Disability Department at the charity for four years and has now took his first step to pursuing his dream of coaching by volunteering with the Foundation.

Building a network of friends and a feeling of belonging, the Foundation’s regular session at The Portway Lifestyle Centre have allowed ‘Smithy’ to flourish.

"It's basically changed my life,” he said.

“It has turned my life from an absolute world of its own.

"I'm in absolute dreamland since I've been in here.”

"I have been inspired by The Albion Foundation coaches for a number of years now. 

“I can't thank them enough, they have been that good to me.”

One of the coaches that has been an influential character in Adam’s’ life is Ajay Gill, a Disability Coach at the Foundation. 

The pair have established a good relationship, with Ajay hopeful that Adam will be able to pursue a career in coaching.

"Smithy, he is a great character,” he said.

“He has got a really bubbly personality. He is really friendly.

"With the disabilities he has; he has got Autism, he has got Aspergers, it is difficult to have a character like Smithy with those disabilities. 

"The likes of Smithy will be the ones who may be next in line to go out and coach for the Foundation.”

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