BDC Run 2018 video

500 runners took part in the Blind Dave Colour Run 2018 at Sandwell Valley Country Park on Saturday.

The run celebrated the work of the Foundation's fundraising extraordinaire 'Blind Dave' Heeley and honoured the memory of Cyrille Regis and Richard Eades.

Cyrille was represented on the day by his wife, Julia and children, Michelle and Robert.

"It's been a great day, I've had a great time, great conversation and got to meet a lot of good people," said Robert.

Robert's sentiments were echoed by Michelle, who was pleased to be a part of the day.

"For me, it feels incredible to be part of something that raises money," said Michelle.

"Dad was all about raising money.

"Giving back and to do this for charity just feels like the essence of Dad.

"I feel proud, I feel happy and honoured." '

Blind Dave' was delighted to have two much-loved members of the Albion family associated with his event.

"To have two legends such as Richard and Cyrille today supported, it was just brilliant," said Dave.

Watch the above video find out how the day unfolded.

For more information on the colour run, or how to get involved in future fundraising events, please contact