Kickstart your career with The Albion Foundation

YOU can kickstart your career by volunteering with The Albion Foundation.

Over 18 current members of staff at the Foundation started their journey as a volunteer at the charity before being offered contracted work, Keaton Landucci is one of these.

Keaton also attends university alongside being a part-time contracted member of staff, working for the Engagement Department.

“He is very much valued and is progressing as we'd like him to and he is taking more of a lead on sessions as well, which is fantastic," said Paul Blagrove, The Albion Foundation’s Kicks Officer.

Working for Kicks, a Premier League funded project, Keaton believes that The Albion Foundation has helped him to grow as a person and offered him an opportunity to begin a career which he never imagined he would have.

“I think the Albion has made me grow up as a person,” said Keaton.

“If I was to tackle the world now, I would have an older and more mature mind.

“If they had sent me out in the world of work when I was 16, I feel like I would have sank.

“Volunteering, I thought it would be something minute, but it turned out to be something massive instead.

“I never thought I would be a member of staff at all.”

 For more information on volunteering with The Albion Foundation, please click here.