Brunt and Field on hand at Disability Awards

ALBION stars Chris Brunt and Sam Field created unforgettable memories at The Albion Foundation's 2018 Disability Awards as they handed out the trophies to the participants.

The duo spent the evening celebrating the remarkable achievements of all of the wonderful people involved with the Foundation's Disability Department, as accolades were presented to many participants and coaches.

The night attracted a bumper crowd, with Albion's Chief Executive, Mark Jenkins, Foundation Ambassador 'Blind Dave' Heeley and Albion's 1968 cup-winning captain Graham Williams all in attendance, along with a host of the charity's sponsors.

John Homer, the Official Supporters’ Club Chairman was presented with the Volunteer of the Year Award for his contributions to Albion Memories, a critically acclaimed dementia programme - and he thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

“It totally illustrates the diversity of the work that the Foundation does,” he said.

“It’s a tremendous example for other clubs to look at and to see what can be done.

“I’m extremely proud. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of what I do and the reward is in the doing, but to be recognised for that work is wonderful.

“Everybody in the room had a smile and you can see when the kids are presented with the awards that they have a sense of achievement, purpose, value and worth - and that is priceless.”

The Foundation's Head of Disability, Paul Glover, was a proud man as he recalled the success of the event.

"It was a brilliant evening," he said.

"It was special to see everyone coming together to celebrate each other's success.

"I'm really proud of my team and what we have achieved this year - it's been a really good year with many superb achievements from our teams and individuals.

"It's great to see all the smiles from our participants as they collect their awards, it really does make all of our hard work worth it."

The efforts of the staff were appreciated by the participants and Shoaib Tabariq, who has been involved with the Foundation for seven years, was really impressed.

"It was a very exciting night it was very good," said Shoaib.

"The award I won made me feel very very happy, but it's not about who wins the award it is a team game.

"What the Foundation does means a lot so that I can socialise with people who are the same as me."

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