'He's worth giving everything I've got'

GRAEME Jones has pledged his unyielding support to Darren Moore.

Darren welcomed an old friend as his Assistant Head Coach yesterday afternoon, with Graeme stepping down from his role with Belgium to take up a new challenge at The Hawthorns.

It's a special friendship forged over two decades ago at Doncaster Rovers that will lead Albion forward in the 2018/19 Sky Bet Championship campaign.

"Darren is worth giving everything I've got because he's that type of person," said Graeme.

"We aren't just friends. We were also serious about coaching from a young age. We roomed together for 16 days in Lilleshall doing an 'A Licence'.

"Forget the ability and everything else. When I played with him at Doncaster in 1995 it was him as a person . . . his impact as a human being."

The new role means Graeme's long-standing working relationship with Roberto Martinez comes to an end. Graeme has worked alongside the Spaniard through his posts at Wigan, Everton and finally with the team which finished third in Russia this summer.

And though it was a tough decision to make, Graeme was driven by the prospect of "something new".

"I think leaving Roberto [Martinez] wasn't easy because we were still really close and massive friends," he added. "But I needed something new.

"From a football perspective we need to get West Brom back to where we should be, where we were.

"Hopefully we can introduce a different brand of football, obviously still paying attention to defending well but playing expansive football."

Watch Graeme's first WBA TV interview above...

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