Ambitious Kane eyes the 'top of the ladder'

KANE Bailey-Hamilton is aiming for the top at The Albion Foundation after becoming a success story for the charity’s volunteer pathway.

Having started in a voluntary position with the Foundation in 2012 aged 15, Kane has continued to impress, culminating in a full-time role as an Inspire Coach with the Education Department.

"I'm really grateful that I'm here," said Kane.

"My aim is to try and get to the top of the ladder.

"I'll never start something and finish halfway through.

"I want to make sure I'm here, I've got to finish it now - hopefully I'll be at the top."

Supporting his family has also provided Kane with a will to be successful.

"I think I have the drive to succeed because of my mum's condition - she has MS (Multiple Sclerosis)," said Kane.

"If you look at someone that does have a disability or is unable, compared to someone who is able and can do everything that the other person can't, then I've got to look at myself and think 'if she can do it then I can as well'."

Having Kane as part of your department proves to be greatly beneficial, as the Foundation's Premier League Kicks Officer, Paul Blagrove, explained.

"I'm really pleased to call Kane a member of my team.

"He's very trustworthy, a very calm and caring guy.

"He's got good interaction with the young people that he works with and I feel like he inspires them.

"The thing is, with Kane, he's always talking about how he wants to progress and how he wants to continue striving to be as good as he can.

"He talks a lot about inspiring young people and he says it, genuinely how he means it."

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