Jackie Armstrong Fans' Champ

JACKIE Armstrong has been named as Fans’ Champion for Saturday’s clash against Swansea for her ‘above and beyond’ work with WBA Powerchair.

Numerous participants nominated Jackie, who have been affected by her support and kind nature during her six years of service to the sport.

"If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be playing football at the level I am today," said Jonathan Davis.

"If I didn't have Jackie I would be not enjoying what I love doing and I'd be uncomfortable in a chair," added Josh Slaney.

"Whenever I'm sad she makes me happy."

Helping participants into their chairs, aiding coaching sessions and providing emotional support to the players, the assisant supervisor's impact is clear.

"I was actually thinking last week that some of the children wouldn't turn up if it wasn't for Jackie," said WBA Powerchair Coach, Dave Lewis.

"She makes it a really fun and friendly environment – she's huge for our sessions.

"She's really supportive and puts a smile on the kids' faces."

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