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Fletcher delighted to silence critics

Baggies skipper stung by 'on the beach' comments

DARREN Fletcher is delighted Albion provided the perfect response to “disrespectful” critics.
Fletcher and his team mates were stung by those “on the beach” criticisms after last month’s victory over Bournemouth took the Baggies to the 40 point mark regarded as the Premier League’s safety line.
After losing to Crystal Palace and Everton, Albion were accused in some quarters of taking their foot off the pedal – an accusation given a resounding response by last weekend’s 3-1 defeat of Arsenal.
The Baggies captain was asked several times whether he considered that performance his team’s best of the season and would only place it as “up there” among some thrilling moments during the campaign.
But he was delighted that it had sent a volley back at those who had rounded on them.
“I thought some of the criticisms I read were disrespectful to be honest,” said ‘Fletch.’ “Very disrespectful to a team that is lying eighth in the Premier League and deservedly so.
“We want to push on, we want to break that 50 point mark and set a club record for the Premier League but we had a couple of bad results. That was disappointing for us but had nothing to do with effort.  
“That can happen to you in the Premier League because it is such a demanding level.
“But this is a tight group of players who are absolutely determined not to let the season peter out. We applied ourselves to a game plan against Arsenal which went well and full credit to the gaffer, the coaches and the players for that.
“I don’t know whether it was our best performance of the season. It’s up there, obviously. But I think our fans have enjoyed some terrific days particularly at The Hawthorns this season and hopefully they are going to enjoy a few more yet.”