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Albion honoured by India invite

Baggies on panel at 'Scorecard 2014: National Conference on Business of Sports'

ALBION will play their part at the prestigious ‘Scorecard 2014: National Conference on Business of Sports’ in New Delhi tomorrow (Tuesday).

Baggies Sales & Marketing Director Adrian Wright has flown out to India to be a panellist at the Confederation of Indian Industry summit, discussing ways to build a profitable sports enterprise.

The conference will deliberate on the current issues, policies, and recommendations providing traction to the Business of Sports in India, as well as explore greater collaboration through partnerships with regional and international experts.

"It is an honour to be held in such high regard by Indian sports organisations and businesses by receiving an invite to participate in Scorecard 2014,” said Wright, who is making his third trip to the country in the last five months.

“This further strengthens the West Bromwich Albion brand in India and we are delighted to offer our knowledge and expertise at such a prestigious event.

“We very much look forward to being part of a very exciting journey for Indian football at all levels over the coming years.”