Sadler's Brewery

6th May

Visit to shop for Award-winning Peaky Blinder Spiced Gin, Spiced Rum, Irish Whiskey and Bourbon. Classic real ales and stouts to popular IPAs and pale ales. Guest beer and spirits collections also available!

Sadlers also owns a unique collection of venues fuelled by Sadler’s Ales, each with their own individual ‘reason for being’.

Whether that’s because of a particular neighbourhood demand, the opportunity for them to share insight and experience into the art of craft brewing…or simply because they wanted to give you the perfect place for a proper party!

Whichever venue you choose to visit, at any time of day, you can expect a very warm welcome, great food and drink (focused of course on Sadler’s fine portfolio of craft beers and spirits) and a great vibe driven by each venue’s unique location.