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RED CARD – Tony Brown

30 September 2015

Bomber reveals his pet hates

WELCOME to the latest edition of Red Card. 

This is our very own Room 101 where early baths are the norm, where all things bad are given their marching orders, where there are no second chances and... we think you get the drift.

This week our guest his holiness, Tony Brown.

Rule in football?

It’s a silly one. When a player has to leave the field after receiving treatment for an injury and then has to wait to come back on. I think it is a stupid rule.

Part of the game?

When I was playing it would have been doing weights in the gym. I used to hate doing it. We had to do two gym sessions a week and I always used to find that I wasn’t as sharp during a game after doing them.

Away day experience?

The worst one was probably also the funniest one. We broke down on the M1 on the way to West Ham for a night game. We had to flag down a massive transit van and catch a lift. It was hardly ideal preparation and we ended up losing the game 2-1.

Team-mate’s fashion sense?

The one I think of is John Kaye. He always used to wear flashy jumpers, but you would never dare to criticise him otherwise he would have you up the wall. Jeff Astle dared to say something once and John threatened him. Jeff went pale.

Team-mate’s taste in music?

Johnny Giles when he was player/manager. He played Abba on the coach every away trip. The boys didn’t like it but we had to listen to it because he was the gaffer. It was the same tape every week. 


I find basketball very boring. It is too repetitive for me, just end-to-end constantly.

Lesson at school?

I disliked geography when I was at school. However, after all the travelling with the Baggies I am now actually quite good at it.


Bugs and beetles in general. We were on a tour of Africa and had stopped off in Nairobi once. I was rooming with Jeff and we pulled the covers back on the beds and there were hundreds of them just crawling around. We both just stepped back in amazement and I even ended up sleeping in the bath on the first night. Jeff obviously found that hilarious.

Holiday annoyances?

I hate delayed flights. We once had a 23-hour delay waiting to come home from a pre-season tour to Canada. All I can say is thank goodness for playing cards.

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