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RED CARD – Darren Moore

9 September 2015

Big Dave reveals his least favourite things

WELCOME to the next edition of Red Card. 

This is our very own Room 101 where early baths are the norm, where all things bad are given their marching orders, where there are no second chances and... we think you get the drift.

This week our guest is Club legend, Darren Moore.

Rule in football?

The offside rule. If you are off you are off. I don’t like all this interference with play, the offside rule isn’t very clear.

Away day experience?

I once played a game at Carlisle when I was at Doncaster. For pre-match we were only allowed to have a bowl of plain pasta, one boiled egg and for the sauce it was either tomato ketchup or brown sauce. Each player was also only allowed one bottle of water. That was our pre-match. It was terrible. Unbelievably we won 1-0.

Team-mate’s fashion sense?

Andy Johnson. He would wear Timberland boots with everything. Jeans and Timberlands, trackie bottoms and Timberlands, suit trousers and Timberlands. Shocking.

Team-mate’s taste in music?

Thomas Gaardsoe used to play this awful rock music. I can’t be doing with that really heavy, loud and aggressive rock music. 


Polo. I don’t see the point in that one to be honest.

Type of music?

Heavy metal rock. I can’t handle it when they scream and shout, it hurts my head.

Lesson at school?

Geography, I didn’t enjoy geography.


It used to be spiders but I am ok with them now. I don’t like snakes.

Cliché/common phrase? 

I wouldn’t say I have one, I’m not really someone who gets bothered by clichés.

Daily routine?

I can’t take traffic. Nobody likes traffic. I don’t get angry I just get really impatient and annoyed.

Holiday annoyances?

Mosquitos, I hate them things. When I go to Jamaica they try to eat me alive.

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