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RED CARD – Tyler Roberts

14 October 2015

Young forward tells us what gets on his nerves

WELCOME to the latest edition of Red Card. 

This is our very own Room 101 where early baths are the norm, where all things bad are given their marching orders, where there are no second chances and... we think you get the drift.

This week our guest is exciting youngster, Tyler Roberts.

Rule in football?

Offside. That is an easy one. As a striker I would score a lot more goals if there were no offsides. 

Part of the game?

If I had my way there would be no warm-ups. I hate them. I just want to go straight out and play football, but saying that, I do understand the importance of them.

Away day experience?

I don’t have one in particular that I can think of. I just hate the long journeys.

Team-mate’s taste in music?

There is a lad in the Under-18s called Jordan Piggott and he just sings football songs that supporters sing in the stands.


I don’t like Hockey. I had to play it at school and I was terrible at it. It hurts my back too.

Lesson at school?

Science, it was too hard to understand and get my head around.


Spiders. The way they crawl around freaks me out. I even have to get my mom to come and sort them out.

Holiday annoyances?

All the flies and mosquitos.

Part of being a Youth Team player?

The jobs are definitely the worst. I have to look after the drinks for the first-team. Thankfully they don’t really give me any stick about it.

Everyday life?

Having to wake up at a certain time. I don’t mind getting up, it would just be better to be able to just wake up when your body is ready to and not be ruled by an alarm.

TV show?

Emmerdale. My Mom watches it. It is boring.

Type of Music?

Rock. It’s not music, it is just loud screaming.

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