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RED CARD – Jonathan Leko

21 October 2015

Baggies youngster reveals his least favourite things

WELCOME to the latest edition of Red Card. 

This is our very own Room 101 where early baths are the norm, where all things bad are given their marching orders, where there are no second chances and... we think you get the drift.

This week our guest is our most recent debutant, Jonathan Leko

Rule in football?

The new offside rule, I don’t really understand it or how it helps players.

Part of the game?

I’ll go for the way some of the media take things out of context. Sometimes they seem to take things players say differently to how they have meant them.

Away day experience?

We had a game away at Everton one weeknight. I had to leave school early to catch the mini bus in time and it was all a bit of a rush. We were cramped up on the bus and there was lots of traffic on the motorway so we ended up being late. We had no time to warm-up and we were ridiculously stiff. It wasn’t really a surprise when we lost the game. I think it was either five or six nil.

Team-mate’s taste in music?

Jack Fitzwater’s music is dead. We were switching the tunes in the dressing room and he put something on and everyone told him to turn it off. It was terrible, but really funny at the same time.


Golf, I don’t really like golf.

Lesson at school?

There was loads! English. I couldn’t get my head round Shakespeare. It’s like a different language.

Creepy-crawly or animal?

I hate cats they scare me.

Holiday annoyances?

My Dad, he always wants me to go everywhere with him so I don’t have any free time. My Dad is a good guy though and I owe a lot him for his help throughout the years.

Part of being a Youth Team player?

Fines. I get fined a lot. There are stupid little fines, but I understand why the coaches put them in place.

TV show?

Pretty Little Liars. I find that show really annoying.

Type of Music?

Country music. As soon as it comes on I am instantly thinking about changing the tune.

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