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4 November 2015

A broken elbow, Jack Rodwell, shaved heads and more

YOUR first day at school, pair of shoes, car, holiday abroad with friends, time you were in trouble or even your first embarrassing moment - we all remember them.

Now, in this new weekly feature on, the Baggies players will give us an insight into their firsts.

We start with flying winger Callum McManaman.

So, Callum, what was your first…

Childhood memory?

Playing footy outside my mum’s house out on the streets. I remember we always used to use her car as a goal.

School memory?

Playing football against the older lads at school. My year would always play the year above on the bottom field.

Goal you remember scoring?

I think it would have to be one for Everton when I was a kid.

Football team you played for?

Rainhill United were my first team. They were my first junior side growing up as a young lad in Liverpool. I think I would’ve been about six or seven.

Thing you do when you get to the stadium on a matchday?

I stick the TV on in the changing room and watch the early game whoever it is.

Albion game?

It was Spurs at home last season. I wasn’t very well, I was sick. I had signed on the Wednesday and I didn’t really feel up to playing because I felt so sick. The gaffer just asked me to give him all that I had. I was made to have certain drinks that would give me energy because I was so ill. I got through about 60 minutes, but by that stage I was exhausted.

Friend in football?

Jack Rodwell when we were both at Everton. I still speak to him now and then and it’s always good to see him.

Broken bone?

It was my elbow. I jumped off a swing behind my mum’s house and I landed on it. We used to play a game to try and jump the furthest, but as I have jumped off I tripped and landed right on my elbow. It broke in two place. I would’ve been about ten.

Detention at school?

I don’t really remember, school is a massive blur.


Duncan Ferguson.

Album you bought?

Eminem. I can’t remember which one of his it was but it had Slim Shady in it. I think I would’ve been about 13 when I bought it.


I have a Bichon Frise dog called Mr. Martini. He is the only pet I have ever had.

Time you were in trouble?

There was a van driving down my Mum’s road and my mates dared me to jump on the back of it because there was a step. I was hanging on as he was driving down the road but the driver saw me and slammed the breaks. He told my Mum and she obviously went mad at me. That was way back when I was in primary school.

Person to take the mick out of you when something goes wrong?

It’s Gards. It’s always Gards.

Football manager?

Tosh Farrell. He was my coach when I was in the academy at Everton. I still speak to him now.


Skinhead. All completely shaved off.

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