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18 November 2015

ThunderCats, Helly Hansen, Gizmo and more

YOUR first day at school, pair of shoes, car, holiday abroad with friends, time you were in trouble or even your first embarrassing moment.

We all remember them.

Now, in this new weekly feature on, the Baggies players will give us an insight into their firsts.

Callum McManaman and Craig Dawson have already faced the questions, and next up is Rickie Lambert.

So, Rickie, what was your first…

Childhood memory?

I used to live at my Nan’s house and I just remember playing inside and outside when I was about six or seven.

Memory of football?

Probably the 1990 World Cup or the Liverpool game against Crystal Palace in the semi-final of the FA Cup when the Reds lost 4-3. Alan Pardew scored the winner at the back post.

First goal you remember scoring?

I can remember the first training session. I was about 8 years old and we were doing a penalty shoot-out. I remember being very nervous because it was my first time but I managed to score the penalty. I haven’t missed many since thankfully.

Red card?

I have only ever been sent-off once and that was for Southampton at Brighton. I played up against Adam El-Abd and he always used to try and wind me up. I always used to laugh at him but that one game his wind-up tricks got the better of me and I snapped.

Time you realised you could make it as a professional?

I knew from a very early age that there was nothing else that I wanted to do in my life other than play football. I didn’t know I was going to be a footballer but I always knew that I had a determination to be one. It wouldn’t have mattered what level I was playing at, I was always going to play football.

Friend in football?

Danny Coid. I am still best friends with him now. I went to nursery with him, I went to school with him and I was at Liverpool with him as a youngster. He played 350 times for Blackpool but he is retired now. Like I say he is still my best friend now.

Foreign country you visited?

Portugal when I was 10. I went with my friend Steven Lafferty and his parents.

Broken bone?

My arm. There is a little river in Liverpool called the Olt and people used to try and jump from one side to the other. They used to call the jump big ben. I jumped it and my arm just went snap. I must have been about nine.

Detention at school?

I can remember being in one at junior school. I can’t remember exactly what I was in detention for but it turned into a bit of a laugh and was actually quite fun.

Expensive thing you bought?

I bought a Helly Hansen jacket when I was in school for about £110 or something like that. I remember walking into class thinking I was the don.

Person to text you after a game?

It depends if I have scored or if I have played. If I have scored then I usually get quite a few texts but if I haven’t scored or played it’s normally just my parents or my wife.


John Barnes. When I was growing up as a Liverpool fan he was their best player at that time.

Album you bought?

Ministry of Sound when I was about 15.

Time you were in trouble?

It was a little bit rough where I grew up so there were a few little scraps and stuff like that which I was involved in. Obviously it’s silly now looking back but we were just kids at the time.

Family pet?

We had a dog called Gizmo when I was about 12 or 13. When I joined Blackpool as a YTS I was away for a week and my parents gave him away. I still haven’t completely forgiven them. I used to look after him because my parents used to work, so when I went away there was nobody to look after him. Looking back now it was probably for the best but I was devastated at the time.

Person to take the mick out of you if something goes wrong?

Danny Coid. Always.

Christmas present?

ThunderCats, it was an unbelievable cartoon.

Sports day at school?

Believe it or not I used to do the 100 metres and until the age of 12 I was the fastest in Kirby, not just my school.

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